When the Ancient Greeks developed dramas, they titled the most popular genre "Tragedy".
This sprung from the word "tragōidia", which loosely translates to "the goat song"
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All I’ve ever wanted was there to be a Doctor Who episode where the Doctor stumbles across this really angsty kid who hates their family and thinks their mom is the most boring person on the planet.  Then the Doctor finds out that this kid’s mum is actually Donna.  The Doctor gets upset and takes the kind on a trip in the TARDIS, showing her/him the wonders of the world and then just being like “None of this would have ever been possible without your mum” and then telling the kid all about how Donna is the most important woman to have ever existed.  Then the kid goes home with a new-found respect for his/her mum and in such admiration, and Donna just being like “what the bloddy hell’s gotten into you”. And the Doctor, in his new form could maybe introduce himself to her one last time and we would have one more beautiful Donna moment and everyone would cry but it would be so damn beautiful.

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I dont understand why, for a girl to be considered badass and strong in movies and books, she has to be tomboyish, not wear makeup and not like girly things?

Girls should be allowed to put on lipstick and flowery dresses then conquer the world by crushing the necks of their enemies under their 6 inch heels

Y’all need Buffy.


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