When the Ancient Greeks developed dramas, they titled the most popular genre "Tragedy".
This sprung from the word "tragōidia", which loosely translates to "the goat song"
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Lest anybody believe even for a second that Canada is better than the USA when it comes to racism. Behold Sun News’ discussion panel on white privilege. 

To be fair Sun News is also known as ‘Fox News North’.

This was absolutely disgusting and very hard to watch. They actually said that the speaker has ‘muslim privilege’ which offers him sympathy when he is racially profiled at airports.


i hate sun news approximately 7000x more than i hate fox news because of how they represent my country.

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I heard on the radio Japan has beaten us at being Canadian by deep frying maple leaves! The host on the show was disgusted that they would do such a thing and jealous as the same time, what do you think?


If we weren’t Canada, it would mean war. Instead we should ask for their recipe!

"If we weren’t Canada, it would mean war"

welp, looks like recent news debates this

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During Eurovision

  • Every country: let's talk in English even though it's not our mother tongue just to be nice
  • France: no
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I want more Canada on my dash.

Like this post for a follow if you post about Canada, photos of Canadian landscape, Canadian people or ideals.. anything really as long as it shows appreciation for the homeland!

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